The self-directed focus of my commitment is advance in federating a computational commons for civic society. This involves finding violence-free modes of community accountability and epistemology for the emotional labour in our tribal enlivenments.

Decidedly we find it is self-evident, in terms of care for oneself, to have fun first. Yet when seeking the company of strangers to extend our horizon and reach out to the world, we may end up with forms of experienced disruptive inefficiency here and there.

As an acting political individual I engage in diverse publics of the post digital age. Meeting their different cultures boils down into observing their conversation for action and intervening consciously.

Whilst this surface of activity is only an unintended product of nurturing slow ideas in hypertext gardens, it helps escaping self-isolation. They are practices which counter context-free communication and benefit harmonious entanglement with action research and the personal endeavour of understanding knowledge.