Writing the logbook

Literally the logbook is *a record of a ship's speed and progress, from a wooden float used to measure speed*. It tells us about where we're coming from and how we followed any itinerary. It gives us a sense of direction, also for upcoming journeys, and refernce points for learning from past encounters.

Keeping a personal wiki as a notebook means to write the logbook. There can be no other than a symbiosis of practice and medium. Within the disciplined act of scribing the records to be left for later reuse , the utility used for inscription is at hands and readily empty.


Onto the finite spaces [which are] inviting for corruption, we engrave our marks and symbols in repeating manner. In acting through speech we allow cycles of association to open, and to close. The letters, their word compounds and the diacritic inbetweens of our embodied vocal language produce rhythmic assemblages in which unfold the textures of sound, vision and kinaesthetic inscription.