Tracking other's promises

The non-equivalent exchange principle requires trust into the eventually fulfilled promise of a value flow. Economic circuits stabilise this process and redistribute it upon their mechanics.

Spacetime is a model used in human language to encompass the physical sensation of embodiment within an environment and the conscious experience of sequences of identifiable events.

involves self issued + direct value claims - Chris Cook mentions promises

"The remedy which the tradition of Western thought has proposed for the unpredictability and irreversibility of action has consisted in abstaining from action altogether, in the withdrawal from the sphere of interaction with others, in the hope that one's freedom and integrity could thereby be preserved. Platonism, Stoicism and Christianity elevated the sphere of contemplation above the sphere of action, precisely because in the former one could be free from the entanglements and frustrations of action. Arendt's proposal, by contrast, is not to turn one's back on the realm of human affairs, but to rely on two faculties inherent in action itself, the faculty of forgiving and the faculty of promising. These two faculties are closely connected, the former mitigating the irreversibility of action by absolving the actor from the unintended consequences of his or her deeds, the latter moderating the uncertainty of its outcome by binding actors to certain courses of action and thereby setting some limit to the unpredictability of the future. Both faculties are, in this respect, connected to temporality: from the standpoint of the present forgiving looks backward to what has happened and absolves the actor from what was unintentionally done, while promising looks forward as it seeks to establish islands of security in an otherwise uncertain and unpredictable future." - Action, Unpredictability, and Irreversibility

Promises, Protocols, Positive unit of account, Authentication, Service Providers - Chris Cook mentions tokens, i.e. tokenized society (ref. to Mike Mehaffy)

Haraway, Donna Jeanne, Lawrence Grossberg, Cary Nelson, and Paula A. Treichler. The Promises of Monsters : A Regenerative Politics for Inappropriate/D Others. 1992.


Futures Cone

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Theory of Change and The Futures Cone "So what a Theory of Change does is it maps out the steps that need to be taken in order to drag a Preferred Future out from the periphery of borderline Plausible/Possible Futures into the Probable."