Hacking with Care

—a queer-feminist critique of practised masculinity in initiatives of socio-technical innovation. The attempt of an anti-psychiatric investigation of algorithmic cognition, group rituals and embodiment. Inbetween sociophobic introverts and sexually abusive men one finds numerous examples of the socially isolating consequences of information technology. It could be explored, how hacker collectives take care of each other and form networks of solidarity, too.

feminist server principles , formulated by the constant people, whom we have contact with via agnez/LibreHosters.

- hackingwithcare.in * [Poussy Plaisir Protocole | HACKING WITH CARE](https://hackingwithcare.in/2017/12/poussy-plaisir-protocole/) - [Hacking with Care : Attention, bien-être et politique de l’ordinaire dans le milieu hacktiviste | .dpi](http://dpi.studioxx.org/en/hacking-care-attention-bien-%C3%AAtre-et-politique-de-l%E2%80%99ordinaire-dans-le-milieu-hacktiviste) - [Hacking with Care!](https://re-publica.com/en/session/hacking-care)

typology of action