authorship in Federated Wiki

Authorship in the Federated wiki will be performed differently according to the individual author and the community or neighbourhood they inhabit. Some see considering attribution as central to composing with the work shared between the software that manages edits via the journal and the human author who performs their own attribution practices within the context of versions of pages that they have site of. Different authors may use different models of neighbourhooding.

A style that goes beyond personal attribution is favoured by some at the federated wiki, on the grounds that it's easy to misattribute. An alternative is via attribution that cites the person through whom you found the idea. Some of the diverse views can be seen in the discussion about attribution in a federated wiki.

Stigmergic editing contrasts the federated wiki's capacity for tracking paragraphs with traditional paper science's (??) attribution of larger units of ideas like a journal article or a book.