Action research prequel

Action Research means being in the field. Therefore it resembles to the socio-anthropologic method and any qualitative methods. Political Economic assumptions are derived from the processual democracy approach of Organized Networks.

It also implies further knowledge of actor-network theory and structuration theory. systems theory and discoursive responsibility ethics build a framework for supporting moral strategies and interventionalism.

Representationalism is maintained by diagrammatics, graph theory, modal logic and category theory.

prepositions of cybernetics deliver an hermeneutics of linguistic epistemology and collective intentionality, leading to a philosophy of mind.

Representation of fractality, la différance, Integral Reality, language games, plans (*fr.*), uncompleteness and uncertainty try to explain distortions, dissens and unlinking data in a topologic space. That is also talking about weakness, slowness and the fragility of relations within selfreferential relations.

tempospatial space and/or, as we still ought to see if there's any difference, spatiotemporal space refer back to Lebenswelten (*german*) and *"Dichter Beschreibung"* of everyday practice and social response-ability.

In the end, we (*pluralis majestatis*, indeed) hope to refind open potlach principles for organic ecologies of collaboration within Heterotopoleis (*pluriale tantum*).